We helped fortune 500 company to optimize a global brand tracking project.

Client challenge

A Global Brand in Electronics was running a brand tracking project in 12 product categories in 20+ markets – a total of 239 product country combinations to be reported. The final reports were consistently not ready on time for the strategic planning sessions. The responsible agency provided top-line reports 8-10 weeks after the field closed.

 Our approach

 •We evaluated the current reporting process and came up with suggestions for optimizations. In the process, we found mistakes in the historical reports from the previous years.

 •We created an improvement strategy targeting the setup, considering dealing with the historical data issues as well.

 •We simplified the scripting & sampling strategy. Furthermore, we optimized the fieldwork process, ensuring full comparability.

 •The historical data was reorganized to match the improved master questionnaire.

 •Where possible, we applied automation to ensure faster delivery.

•We assigned a research consultant for each product category mirroring the client's organization.


 •All reports were processed, analyzed, and delivered in 4 weeks. All the KPI delivered in 1 week.

 •The project cost dropped by 50%.

•Zero mistakes found (all numbers were verified by an external leading auditing company).

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