We helped a technology company increase its services portfolio and grow among existing accounts.

Client challenge

 A Market Research SaaS company was about to lose revenue, as their major client didn’t have enough technical capacity to use the software, which lead to increased technical support involvement and decreased client satisfaction.

 Our approach

 •We assigned an experienced team of scripting, data processing, and project management experts

 •The task force identified the most critical points and focused on them

 •The scripting and the reporting of the most complex tracking projects were optimized

 •Existing Client’s internal teams were trained to use different tools

•We have established nearshore extensions of the existing client teams


 •The SaaS company saw 20% increase in the usage in the particular account;

 •90% decrease in the number of technical support tickets after the first 3 months

 • The end client managed to decrease the execution times for scripting and DP with 30%

 • In 3 months the gross margin increased by 25%

 •New service levels can now be offered to clients.

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